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Enterprise Data Analytics Services

Helping You Create Winning Data Driven Strategies

Analytics Systems are comprised of components for data extraction, transformation, analytics, and visualization.

Enterprise Data Analytics Services

At jwebsmart we have architected and implemented high-performance, scalable and agile information systems.

  • Extract data from various disconnected systems (OBIEE, SASS, Mainframe, DB2, MSSQL, Oracle)
  • Cache all operational data compressed and in-memory to avoid disk I/O time lags
  • Apply Statistics and Pattern Recognition algorithms to identify meaningful patterns in the data
  • Apply Predictive Analytics algorithms to forecast patterns/trends in future time periods
  • Provide well organized workflows to provide results in a way that closely matches the user’s processes.
  • Provide data visualization to communication the findings and empower decision makers

Intuition and experience drive many decisions. Our systems never replace the benefits that quality decision maker and business area experts provide. We create great tools to support their efforts. The tools provide new insights and quantifiable proof to support decision makers’ "Gut". Today’s businesses can benefit the most when their talented people can have access to simply use tools that provide insight into their data.

Here are the type of Advance Analytical Systems and Tools we can build for you:

  • Data Analytics Systems
  • Scalable High Performance Systems
  • Big Data Solutions
  • ETL Systems (Data Extraction, Transformation, Loading)
  • Analysis (Statistical Analysis, Clustering Algorithms, Regression Algorithms)
  • Data Visualization

Here are a few of the Algorithms we have implemented:

  • Deep Learning
  • Golden Section Search
  • Big Data Solutions
  • Dijkstra’s Shortest Path
  • Logistic Regression
  • Neural network
Advance Analytical Systems

Helping Small/Mid Businesses
Leverage Technology

In today’s competitive market Smart Businesses are looking for a Competitive Edge.

jwebsmart has had years of experience guiding midsize and small business in

Helping Small/Mid Businesses
Leverage Technology
  • Delivering proven software solution and technical expertise
  • Leveraging technology to improve their customer’s experience and market their good and services to existing and new customers.
  • Improving operational efficiency by automating manual processes
  • Empowering decision makers through insightful reports, graphs, and charts

We work as a trusted software partner with our clients, providing a quality service at an affordable price.

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